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commission and the ssc, muni has passed it and lastly our new representative from ida b. wells, representative at the community tasting and thought that the food was much better and more healthy and we support revolutionary foods for the bid. >> we also recently met with and gave recommendations to associate superintendent janet schultz on how to assist with outreach at the community meetings that the sfusd helps families understand the a-g requirements. we have an announcement. we will be giftwraping for donations at the dsw on 400 post street to compensate for some of the money that the ssc program lost because of budget cuts. so please come and
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support us december 22-23. >> thank you megan and windy. december 22 and 23 where again? >> dsw at 400 post street. the entrance is on powell. >> what is going on those two days? >> we're just having a >> giftwraping. >> if i may, president yee, i wanted to ask sac if you could help us bet the word out about the free muni applications and perhaps work together with janet schultz and the other associate superintendents about how we can reach as many students as possible at school sites? thank you very much. >> okay. item e, parent advisory committee pac report representative. >>
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>> good evening superintendent carranza, president yee and commissioners. my name is gloria and a member of the parent advisory committee and parent of two children and i wanted to extend my congratulations to all the achievements presented earlier today with staff and schools and our representatives. so thank you for your hard work and dedication. and for your commitment. i wanted it make comments on several areas that the pac has worked on. pac will continue conducting some community conversations when asked. the pac is considering expanding its work with restorative practice by
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promoting the parent component of the whole school implementation. and the project team wants to look at how parents are being brought into the implementation process of restorative practices at the three demonstration schools and the focus schools. where practice parent is in place and the pac hopes to share successful strategies that the schools are currently using to inform familis about restorative practices and be able to engage them in [-eurpblts/]ing implementing the process. we want to be able to create a parent- friendly material guide that parents can use on an everyday use to explain what restorative practices are. and so also i wanted to be able to update on the a-g requirements, some pac members are now participating on the new graduation requirements task forth at the last meeting
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november 28th, they identified short-term and long-term goals and now we are very encouraged with the short-term and long-term goals, but we're concerned the fact of numbers of student graduations, but happy to be working with partners. pac is committed to work with the district partners to address any barriers of graduation that impact any significant number of students. and the pac a-g project team will determine where to best align our efforts. ultimately we want to support student achievement, especially with those areas of affected. i did want to share something very exciting. the pac was invited to have a representative at the community tasting panel last month.
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and i was there for the tasting. and we were able provide it comments on the appearance of the food, the taste, texture and overall appeal of the food. and the pac aappreciates being included in important, key decisions that are being used to affect so many students. and over the years, student nutrition has been one of the areas for pac. so we were super pleased to be able to be there in the evaluation process. i just have to share that my daughter, i pack everyday lunches for my children. they do not like school lunches and i wanted to share i was going to be on the panel. and they were super excited and this morning my daughter said i want a lunch. well, you said that the lunches were going to be better next year. so i'm going to see next year, mom.
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and maybe i will get school lunches. so for me, that makes me happy, because she is actually listening to what i am saying. [ laughter ] and she hopefully will be able to look next year at the lunches and see that she wants to also participate with her friends and eat at least once a week would help me. and i feel good with the choices we were able to evaluate that day. that is it. any questions or comments? >> seeing none, thank you, gloria. >> next item is item f, public comment on consent items. so i have several people that want to speak tonight. and we'll give you two minutes each. [ reading speakers' names ]
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>> good evening ladies and gentlemen, and congratulations, president yee on your election. congratulations to everyone, but i think we covered the rest of you the last time we were here. i would like you to turn for a
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moment to page 71, the personnel, specifically the matter of separations. so soon? [laughter ] you wish. standing here next to me is katharine olsen, the 10th on the list under "separations." katharine is a new teacher at spring valley and as the letter that she will hand over to deliver to you will attest miss olsen suffered the frustration and all that that beginning teachers often do and didn't know where to tush turn and it was suggested that she just get out and she resigned.
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and she rescinded it. you know and we know you have threedaes to withdraw that kind of decision and she acted immediately the next day. so she expects that decision to be rescinded. she essentially put this in for the 16th of november and when she rescinded she continued to work through to the 30th and she was told she would not be brought back after the 30th and her resignation would be counted as working from that time. we're here tonight to ask you to re-consider this issue. miss olsen has initiated the desire to rescind the resignation she turned in and she has done it in a timely fashion.
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she has followed all the procedures that she was anticipated to follow. the district in the meantime has failed to follow one of its contractual requirements and that is to notify the union within 24 hours of a resignation. the union has not in any notice of this except from miss olsen and the concern that has been caused. so i ask you to please, when -- i know you usually don't look at these or talk about them and they just fly by, but please when it comes before you, please consider page 71,10th person on the list of separations and please consider that there is either an error of some kind or something is wrong here, because miss olsen has specifically, formally and legally required to have this intent to resign rescinded. thank you very much. >> thank you.
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so item g consent calendar. is there a motion and second on the consent calendar? >> move the consent calendar. >> second. >> okay. any items withdrawn for correction by the superintendent? >> good evening, commissioners. there are two items. first remove item 2j, page 31. that is 12-12-c2 from consent calendar. it will be taken up for action at a special meeting being held next week. the next is correction to page 71. item 4a. 1212-11f13.
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and it's the 10th name on the list. effective date should be 11/30/2012 and not 11/17/2012. >> anything items removed by the board? commissioner maufas? >> i would like some guidance on item 4a121-11-f1-f14 page 71 on 11f13, the tenth name on the list. how do we remove this? is this the item that we're removing for discussion? >> i believe you can severe
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severe for discussion. >> i'm looking at this document. >> it can be receivered for discussion and if it's a personnel matter we may have to agendize that for closed session. >> thank you very much. >> any others, vice president norton? >> yes, page 14 1, k. it startsing on page 140, not
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141. >> roll call. >> commissioner maufas. >> thank you, president yee. i wanted to announce and declare that i am an employee of oaks children center and i will refrain from any discussion and abstain on voting on items k4 and k26 and at that time i will leave the room. thank you. >> thank you. roll call vote -- another one? >> commissioner? >> i would like sever k5. >> >> superintendents proposal,
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none tonight. board members proposal, none tonight. j, request to speak regarding general matters. there are several speakers who will get two minutes each. before we get started with this section, again, when we are discussing general matters, we do not use any individual's names. thank you. [ reading speakers' names ] go
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ahead and press the button and state your name. >> my name is jay cossac and i'm counselor at george washington high school. and i have some comments. i am talking about the a-g requirements. and one of the goals of the school district is accountability. promises to the parents and the students. and i would have to say as a counselor and i feel like i know this area really well, that this was not met so far with the class of 2014. and to start now when they are juniors, the question is what was going on before? i knew what was going on before. i knew what was going on when
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they were freshmen. we would have conversations about it in our counseling department all the time. how did it get this way? so now we're scrambling. okay? and it's really -- the question to all of you is not the product -- not the end product, but how did we get there? if you don't fix the dynamic it's going to continue on. instead of having the public relations department have excuses about we don't have money for this and this kind of stuff, you know what you should be saying? i'm sorry, we didn't do it. we didn't have the support. we got to do better and we should do better. and you should be doing better with the sophomore class. there should be someone working on that right now, okay? so i'm tired of getting emails
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from assistant superintendent with lists about off-track, severely off-track. i know who those students are. i work with them every single day, i know them. and the classes that you are offering for night school, i don't know who decided those classes. i mean no one asked me. i would not choose those classes. >> thank you very much. >> good evening ladies and gentlemen. my name is barbara and i am a proud parent of who student. my youngest son is a straight a student at lowell and in his junior and senior year my older son received an award from the president of united states and
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graduated as valedictorian. first i did not really define what non-violent parenting. was in the scheme of things going from worst to better we have council parenting defined by law, we have corporal parenting and i have materials dealting the negative effects. all of which have in common of negative reinforcement being presented against negative parent. in non-violent parenting what we want to do is provide positive reinforcement for positive behavior following the attitude it's okay to make mistakes, but we don't want to practice making mistakes and to move forward with the concept and promote the idea of
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non-violent parenting. in particular i would like to bring your attention to what i have named the eight pillars of parenting and have i conferred with the department of social services for children's basic needs. and that they should be protected from physical, sexual and emotional abuse as defined on the front page. my idea is before graduating from junior high each child should name what the eight pillars of parenting are. and define what "physical abuse" is. >> time. >> thank you very much. >> next. >> >> superintendent carranza,
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president yee and commissioners. i am a former teacher at leadership high school and a former supervisor with the san francisco teacher residency program. i also sit on two non-profit boards in san francisco and the san francisco coalition of essential small schools. i am here tonight to urge you to take the co-location of gateway middle school and creative arts charter off the table. keative arts charter is an amazing community with very loyal teachers, staff, parents and students. we have a strong program that is in high demonstrate. we had over 175 applications last year for 44 kindergarten spots and had over 90 of those students on our wait list at the beginning of the school year. currently we have had over 195 parents come and tour our school for next year. and over 150 of those parents have submitted intent to enroll
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forms. next year we will have 360 students. with our growing population we have a growing need for classrooms. next year in order to maintain the program, we will need annex buildings. it's not feasible for gateway middle school to co-locate on our current campus and use the annex space when our program will need more of the space with each passing year. despite the uncertainty and challenges around facilities that have been presented to the creative arts community, it continues to be a strong and sustaining school. i urge you to make the commitment that the co-location of gateway and creative arts will be taken off the table. we are working forward to working with you to find an alternative solution for everyone involved.
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thank you for your time. >> good evening commissioners, superintendent. i am also a parent at creative arts. i am also here about the proposal to co-locate gateway middle school with its 300 students on our campus. and to ask you to direct your staff to take the proposal off the table. as i think you all know we have had some challenges recently, particularly with last year's fire, and the aftermath of that. but we have a really resilient community. and we have managed to weather the challenges pretty well and we're really looking forward to next year when the repairs from the fire and the construction will be over and things will settle down. but if an additional 300 students are shoehorned into that campus there will not be any settling down. when i try to contemplate 300 additional middle schoolchildren, all i can envision is pandemonium.
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i can't imagine any children would get enough time outside if there were an additional 300 children on the campus. part of the reason my family choose this particular school it's a small k-8 and my daughter thrives in the close knit community. and i am worried about the social impact of an additional 300 middle schoolers there in that space. some kids thrive in a huge middle school environment and some kids thrive in a small middle school environment. although my kid is older i really sympathize with kids of little kids who have to contemplate sending their kindergartner to a campus with 300 middle schoolers and aren't part of the community that we build between our older kids and younger kids. expecting kindergartners to share a compass campus like that is hard to imagine.
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our board has been working with your staff to try to figure something out for months and we're not really sure what to do right now. i'm almost done. a lost community is going to come to your next meeting and i hope when we do it is to thank you for taking this off the table. thank you for your time and thank you for your work. >> thank you. >> good evening commissioners. president yee, superintendent carranza. in my day job i'm a lawyer, who practices school law and i represent school districts. as such i have a great understanding and passion for the job that you do in making decisions surrounding charter schools. i'm here to advocate for my daughter and not for charter
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schools. the proposal to co-locate gateway middle school at the golden gate campus is not feasible. creative arts has been operating without these facilities for almost two years now. between the fire and construction our children have been rotating out lunchtime on the basketball court for 15 minutes. we have no place for school assembly or theater production and our library doubles as a [phao-ubgsz/] room and we do not have the space most middle school have such as a gym, science lab or computer lab. locating an additional 300 middles schoolers on the campus raises concerns for a variety of reasons, most importantly the safety of young children on campus. my daughter has always been weary of the big kids. and i'm sure she is not alone. the idea of having over 300 more big kids on campus that will already have 140 middle schoolers and 13-14 and 168 in 15-16 is frightening for
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parents and children. if you have been to the campus and i do invite you to visit, you know how compacted the shared space already is. we look forward to the time when the annex is operational and question begin to use the refurbished space. i would like to make a quick [kph-epbgs/] mention of the capacity issue. capacity cannot be viewed only in terms of numbers of students per classroom. the capacity analysis must take into account specialty uses for assembly, library -- one more second please -- library, dance and art and we don't believe there is enough yard space to safely support the population of both schools. we will do a facility analysis, if it comes to that, but we hope it doesn't. we understand that no decision needs to be made before february 1st, but we could encourage you to take the proposal off the table. think there are a lot of ways
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to solve it and there are co-locations that can work without impact to us. >> time. >> thank you for your time. >> i had called up some other people, are they here? if they are here, could you please step up? >> you began this meeting this evening by commemorating human rights and i would like to know why the issue of bullying hasn't been addressed. recently there was a press conference held and the superintendent said it was slander. there was no physical abuse and bullying of students at martin luther king. well, i would say there was a thorough
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investigation and the staff involved in that incident haven't been interviewed bit management at the school district. so what kind of thorough investigation was done by school district about the bullying of students at martin luther king school? furthermore we just heard about the charter school and want a music room bechtel and the program are involve in san francisco as are other privatization companis who want to privatize the schools and drive the schools towards core standards. i would argue that is for the destruction of education. it's not the advance of students of san francisco and the students of this country. core standards are being used not to provide more teaching, more education, but to drive

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